Interesting Conversations

Date: Friday, April 14th 2017

Today was a much calmer day thank God.

M and I were both feeling under the weather. Drank a lot of tea (shocker), downed an Emergen-C, and took vitamin C supplements. We had no plans to pack this stuff. M was starting to get sick right before we left and his mother gave us a stash. Serious thank God for that.

We cooked our first meal in the apartment.

Simple: eggs, the yummiest tomatoes, cucumbers, warmed bread + butter, and tea (obvi)

We cleaned pretty quickly after breakfast. It’s amazing how easy it is to clean after just 2 people. You blink and everything is done lol thank God.

The weather is still kinda gloomy. I prefer to stay indoors when it’s like this.

Peep M. Tooth brush + Kitchen/Dining Room

M went for Jummah. I spent most of today in bed, sleeping, conserving my energy, and staying warm. We made plans for the next few days. Organized our goals, listed our priorities. God willing, we’ll tackle them all.

Around 6pm, we went over to M’s friend’s apartment for dinner.

Egg pastry. So yummmyyy!

I met his wife. She speaks Russian, Arabic, a little Turkish, and understand English. She had a teenager living with her who spoke Russian and Turkish but understood English and a little Arabic. Our two hour long conversation was a jumble of languages, none of which were Turkish lol. I spoke broken Arabic with the lady and she spoke good Arabic with me. I spoke in English with the girl who spoke in Russian with the lady who translated it into Arabic for me lol. Surprisingly we had a decent conversation going too. Who knew that coming to Turkey would force me to speak Arabic. It was basically a mash up of fus7a and Egyptian Arabic looool.

The people here are so kind thank God. I read online about the generosity of the individuals living in this country. It surpasses it. You can feel the love, the care, that the people have.

Keep us in your duaas!


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