Solo Trip To The Mağaza

Date: Saturday, April 15th 2017

The time difference makes you loopy and sleepy at random times throughout the day.

We’ve been trying our best to fix it by staying up after Fajr and sleeping right after Isha. But today I failed lol. Fell back asleep around 8am until 12pm. Managed to snap a few pictures before “napping” though.

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After eating breakfast, we headed to the mağaza (store) to get a few items. We’ve decided to try living without a fridge (lol) so we go to the store every few days for produce and bread. We translated essential items beforehand just in case we couldn’t find them and needed to ask.

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Today we got su (water),  yumurtalar (eggs), limonlar (lemons), ekmek (bread), domates (tomatoes), soğan (onions), patates (potatoes), tarçın (cinnamon), kekik (oregano), and a few other things. I did find something awesome I didn’t need though!

Fatima. I done found the kinder eggs. Also, are smurfs the new shrek?? Yikes

After getting everything from the two stores- Migros & Şok- we walked back to the apartment. That walk took foooorrreevvveerrrrr. It was nice when we were walking to the store. We took in the sunshine, the bird chirping, the children playing, the chickens running. On the way back, all I could think about was “my god my arms hurt from this bag (I carried 1 while M carried 4 and a 5lt water lol) the sun is so bright its so hot was it really this long when we walked here???”. I did notice an oven (?) on the walk back. I thought it was a well at first but the closer we got, the stronger the smell of amazingly baked bread filled our noses.

Old school oven. So. Freaking. Cool.

Eventually, we made it back. Then we had to walk up steep, spiral stairs to our 3rd floor apartment.

pain crawling.gif
accurate representation of how I got through the front door

M invited his friend over for some tea and conversation. Had a little salt and sugar mix up that was beyond hilarious (it was all M. i swear it wasn’t me). Ended the day with yet another cup of tea.

Guess which of those white containers is sugar & which is salt? Find out the answer in the next video 😉


Keep us in your duaas!


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