Building A Routine

Date: Sunday, April 16th, 2017

I think we’re finally getting into a routine.

Wake up for Fajr. Stay up for a few hours. Eat breakfast. Knock out for a few hours bcuz time difference. Then wake up for thuhur.

this reminds me… I need to watch that last episode…

I didn’t think recalibrating would this be difficult. Even if I had a full nights rest, I’ll still fall asleep for hours right in the middle of the day. I mean, we’ve only been here for 4 days.. Maybe I should cut myself some slack? According to WebMd– thank God it’s not cancer- it’ll take me a few more days.

If you’re flying from San Francisco to Rome for a 10-day trip, for example, it may take six to nine days to fully recover. That’s because it can take up to a day for each time zone crossed for your body to adjust to the local time. If you’re traveling east to west, from Rome to San Francisco, jet lag could last four to five days — about half the number of time zones crossed. Jet lag is generally worse when you “lose time” traveling west to east.

I wish I’d read more about this before leaving! They had some really good tips on how to work around this. The most practical & the one that I will use next time was:

Simulate your new schedule before you leave.

“If you’re traveling east, start moving your bedtime earlier,” says Avelino Verceles, MD, assistant professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and director of the school’s sleep medicine fellowship. “Shift it a half-hour earlier each night for several nights before you leave.”

If you’re traveling west, do the opposite. You can also try moving your mealtimes closer to the time you’ll be taking them at your destination.

I’m learning. First time traveling abroad. Definitely making notes of what to do/bring for future reference God willing.

The day started out beautiful. But I slept it away lol. We were invited for lunch at M’s friend’s house. Had Russian food for the first time; it was pretty good. Right as we left, the clouds rolled in.

Mountains all covered up; 3pm

Nevertheless, we walked around slowly. Taking our time, taking everything in. Looking up words on street signs and practicing the words we wrote down.

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But it was starting to get dark + the rain clouds, so we hurried back. Stopped by the grocery store for more ekmek, tereyağı, domates, patates, yumurta, and bottled su since the sink su is too salty. We also tried some strawberry and banana süt.

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We made it back before the rain- which didn’t end up happening. Looks like the weather app is as reliable here as it was in Texas lol. We kinda just chilled around after that. I opened all the windows to air out the apartment; you can hear the children running and playing outside.

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We ended the day with a cup of lemon tea (shocker). It was a pretty well-rounded day.

Keep us in your duaas!


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