Bustling City Life 

Date: Tuesday April 18 2017

Today was a day full of ups and downs.

We accidentally slept in. We were suppose to leave for the University at 9am. We woke up at 10am. Yikes lol. But everyone here runs an hour behind schedule anyways so we weren’t even late at all!

We caught the 15 bus, which goes from the main street near the apartment directly to the front of the university.

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It was an interesting bus ride. You can see the change in scenery go from nice, lush green to stone walls with graffiti. When we finally made it to Akdeniz Üniversitesi, we walked what felt like 540857038570938484 miles. We were sent from building to building, office to office, administrator to administrator. The interesting things on the walls kept me entertained while we got shuffled from person to person.

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After about an hour or so wandering around, we finally found the right person to talk to about our predicament. You see, the deadline to register for Fall/Spring was April 10th. With all the visiting, moving travel dates, getting sick, we dropped the ball on one of the most important things: registration.

The man we spoke with said he’ll see what he can do. M had good grades & the entrance exams isn’t for another few weeks. He was going to call a few people. We were to return in 30 minutes. We headed down to the basement level of the building where they had prayer rooms.

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After prayer, we headed back upstairs. He was still making his calls. Finally, he walked out of this office & as he headed to the elevator said, “walk with me.” As we followed, he explained that loads of students have asked- nay begged- to be allowed to register past the deadline. They’ve turned every single one of them away. It wouldn’t be fair to say yes to us when their answer has always been no. But, he didn’t like saying no without having exhausted all his options. He was walking us to one last person’s office. After a 5 minute conversation, he came out looking apologetic. Turns out M won’t be starting school this Fall. We fully understood their answer & understood that it was only fair.

I thought I’d be more dejected, disappointed but I wasn’t. Us coming to Antalya was for this school, primarily. But everything happens for a reason. We planned to come here for school. Maybe there’s something else in store for us here. Who knows? Its a nice city, nice country. The school isn’t going anywhere. We found a good program, good cost, and nice individual whom we can contact next year when we register (on time lol). We’ll try again next year, God willing.

We walked a lot more. So much more. We saw the rest of campus, basically. Now I understand why this school had it’s own bus system (for free). Everything is so spread out, it looked like it’s own little town. It was a beautiful day out, at least. I partially enjoyed it lol.

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Got to walk through a small portion of Antalya as we needed to purchase a bus pass from a local convenience store.

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Then we hopped on the 15 & headed straight home. I nearly fell asleep, I was so exhausted.

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Once we got back, we ate a quick dinner & koed.

It was a pretty productive day. Might not have gotten the answers we wanted but patient is what we shall be, God willing.

Keep us in your duaas!


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