Longest Day Of My Life

Date: Thursday, April 20 2017

Today started out like any other.

We made breakfast- M and I have been trying to fuse my mother’s tomato paste eggs with his mother’s potato eggs. Took us 3 days but I think we’ve finally figured out the paste to potato to egg ratio.

It was a great day. I was full of energy & life.

Then it happened.

The following is an accurate depictions of myself for the next 10 minutes (special thanks to the greatest show ever).

Followed by


Followed by


I knew wifi would be dodgy. It was going great for a week. The wifi turning off was inevitable. I had prepared myself mentally and physically for this very moment.

I handled this situation the way I handle all serious situations in my life: I ran away as fast and as quickly as possible.

I decided it was time to head to town. We needed some groceries (kinda). M quickly agreed, saying he needed a local phone. So off we went, running away from our internet-less apartment, wishfully hoping that it’ll be back on when we returned.

Alas, it did not.

So, I handled this the second way I handle all serious situations in my life: I started cleaning. I moved furnitures & swept the whole apartment. I took the carpets, hung them off the balcony, and beat them with a dust pan (tots helped with anger management). I figured by the time I finished all this extra cleaning, the wifi would be back.

Alas, it did not.

How was I going to cook dinner? My noob-self needed the recipes!

With the encouragement & support of M, we tried to remake the dinner we made the previous night: pasta + oven roasted potatoes. It might sound simple. But we had to make the pasta sauce from scratch (slight). Surprisingly enough, it turned out better than the first time!

After dinner, I couldn’t just sit around. M and I beat the carpets again and set them around the apartment.

There was nothing else left to do…

I looked around our bedroom & saw my book, coloring book, and the iPad. I pulled the coloring book and markers off the shelf. I checked what shows/movies I have left download onto the iPad: 3 movies, 8 episodes of NCIS, 2 episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine, ! episode of Series of Unfortunate Events, and 4 episodes of 13 Reasons Why.

I had to ration this. I didn’t know how long this darkness would last.

After an episode and a half of 13 Reasons Why- which I will no longer continue to watch bcuz reasons & the fact that my field of study dealt with the seriousness of mental health issues- and 1 episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine to cheer me up, I decided to turn in early.

All I could think as I fell asleep was, “Please God. Give me back the wifi tomorrow.”

Keep us in your duaas!


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