My First Real Market Experience

Date: Friday, April 21 2017

Today was, by far, my favorite day!

Though it didn’t quite start that way. Remember how I didn’t have wifi yesterday? Yeah, it did not return. It felt like years have passed since I’d last been on the internet. What the heck did I do before the internet?? What did I do in the 90s??

When M went to Jummah, I  had nothing to do. Took out my camera & played with it for a bit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then I used up some of my reserve: Series of Unfortunate Events & Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Once M got back from Jummah, we went to check out the Friday market.

The sign reads, “Döşemealtı Municipality Market”, according to Google Translate.

Nothing could have prepared me for the awesomeness that I saw. Unfortunately, I didn’t take many pictures. I was too busy watching all the different venders yell prices, covering my nose from the smell of fish, tasting the sweetest oranges, and watching M haggle. It was such an experience. I did manage to take a picture of a bread filled with potato-y goodness before M & I devoured it.

20170421_073927 (1)
I need to learn how to make this!

On our walk back, we made plans to come here every Friday. The fruits still had tree branches and the vegetables still had dirt. It was legit legit. Once we got back, I cooked dinner. Decided to keep it simple: Spanish Rice + Baked Eggplant & Potatoes. The rice turned out awesome. The eggplant & potatoes were, ehh hit or miss lol.

After dinner the greatest thing ever happened: WE FINALLY GOT INTERNET BACK!!

I had a glorious few hours of catching up on life since I missed it all (hella wanna try the Unicorn Frapp sorry K plz dont kill me my sweet tooth is large as you know) before going to bed.

Keep us in your duaas!


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