Attempt at a Schedule

Date: Sunday, April 23 2017

Today we decided to give some kind of order to our open schedule days.

We wrote down a rough schedule for the day: time for breakfast, cleaning, video editing, blog writing, reading, dinner, etc. I was pumped. Ready to start the schedule. Then I looked out the window.

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With the weather so nice, it was hard to get back on track. I just wanted to go outside and enjoy the sunny day. I mean, it’s still the weekend after all (as if that makes a difference for us lol). So, off to the market we went.

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It was such a nice walk. And that ice cream?


I wish everyone could try it. I wish I never tried it. It was already difficult walking past the freezer without knowing how delicious and heavenly the vanilla tastes lol.

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For dinner I cooked a lentil Pasta thing that took 5ever bcuz the lentil needed to cook first. Definitely not making that too often. As I was cooking dinner, I looked out the kitchen window and ran for my camera (the lentil had to cook for FORTY FIVE MINUTES anyways so I had some time).

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After dinner was the usual: M reading over his books, I work on the last bits of my posts while Netflixing.

God willing, we’ll be able to stick to the schedules we made today.

Keep us in your duaas!


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