Lazy Day

Date: Saturday, April 22 2017

Today we felt like doing absolutely nothing. So that’s what we did.

lazy bruno

We did nothing productive. We ate cookies and drank tea. We kinda just chilled. We’ve been running from place to place, plan to plan, researching, talking. It was nice to finally get a break. To finally not worry about where we need to go, who we need to talk to.


Then we realized we couldn’t be complete lazy slobs ALL day.

So we drank some coffee and got down to catching up with our online stuff. We’d been without WiFi for what felt like eternity. Turns out it was less than 24 hours looool. I had posts to write and M had things to research.

Made eggplant rice for dinner. It was, meehh. Wasn’t too bad, lacked in flavor..

Turkey’s Netflix doesn’t have NCIS (idk why i watch this show but im obsessed and am currently halfway through season 8…) so I found some links online and watched a few episodes before calling it a night.

Pretty nice, uneventful day. Thank God.

Keep us in your duaas!


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