Date: Tuesday, April 25 2017

Today we went to the market. Twice!

We haven’t been to Migros in a while so we decided to head there. Migros is like the Walmart of Döşemealtı. There’s only one & it basically has every little thing you need: shower curtains, bowls, notebooks, etc. So off we went.

I dressed lightly, anticipating the walk back in the sun.

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We took our time inside. We read through the different signs, different labels. We left with everything we didn’t need lol. The most important things we went there for were no where in sight.

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The walk back wasn’t so bad. There was a nice breeze- much like Sacramento’s summer evenings- that made it a really nice walk. The breeze and our rolling basket. Yes, rolling basket. Idk what else to call it lol. But we bought a rolling basket. We were tired of carrying a million bags back and forth so we got one to free our hands.

Once we got to the apartment, we worked on our stuff. I worked on my video editing and posts. M worked on his books and emails. Job hunting is tedious and annoying; I dislike it. M is staying optimistic.

After dinner, M wanted to go walking through the stores off the main street to see if we can find some stuff we needed. The weather was still so beautiful. Families were out walking, kids playing.


We found a few things that we needed at a small, hidden shop. On our walk back, we saw all the shop keepers turn off their lights, close their doors. The only thing “open” was the futbol field. Bright lights, playing loudly. Watching them play reminds me of my brother.. Miss you bitee.

It was a good day, with a ton of walking. Needless to say, I hit my step goal.

Keep us in your duaas!


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